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What is TIAQ?

TIAQ is a European non-profit association representing insulation manufacturers, certification bodies and testing laboratories, all part of the Insulation KEYMARK Scheme. The KEYMARK is a voluntary European quality mark that demonstrates compliance with European standards.

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What does TIAQ do?

TIAQ supports and facilitates the operations and activities of the Insulation KEYMARK Certification Scheme. TIAQ represents a platform for its members to develop a long-term strategy for guaranteed quality of insulation products.

Save energy by quality

The KEYMARK is a voluntary European quality mark for products and services.

Especially for consumers the KEYMARK stands for real added value, representing tested and certified compliance with harmonized European quality standards as confirmed by an independent third party.

The KEYMARK also complements CE Marking in the case of those products for which this a legal requirement, thus serving to boost consumer confidence throughout Europe.

KEYMARK certified products comply with European standards, guaranteeing high quality. KEYMARK certification reduces the cost and effort of testing products individually for each national market. It only takes three steps to certify a product. Please watch the video to find out more.

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